Catholic Health Australia WebsiteWEBSITE RE-BUILD
Catholic Health Australia

The project was to deliver a new website design, layout & client friendly CMS.

The new site incorporatd many of the existing features such as Google Map integration but also new features such as Twitter feed, user authentication and document access control and video embedding from various channels. 

Website Features

Image slider - After trying many images sliders including the one that came with the theme framework we decided on using a third party image slider so that the functionality, look and feel met the client's requirements. This one is awesome. 

Google Map Locator - Again we tested and eliminated many of the extensions out their. This locator tool provided the configuration and database management to handle export and import of hundreds on locations.  

Twitter Feed - There are many options for Twitter feeds but some cause CSS clashes and others dont provide the look that fits with a site design without extensive re-working.

Template Theme - Many web production studies dont like using pre-configured templates or themes. There are pros and cons for both and for each project we look at what would best deliver the the client's requirements. The client wanted in this case to start with an existing template theme and only make cosmetic changes inconjunction with their designer.

Video Embedding - The client had video media on different channels Youtube, Vimeo and also content they wanted loaded direct on the site. For this we selected an easy to use player plugin that the client can easily use to add content to the website.