THEWORDS2D2T is the parent company of the group that provide consulting, contracting and hosting services. Founded by Darrin Bird in 2006 after many years in IT Management and website creation.

The 2D2T Team have been delivering cutting edge online solutions since 1995 for clients from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Mexico.

Click here to view a recent list of clients we have consulted with in project management, IT strategy, Web and e-commerce development.

Our Head office is in Sydney, Australia and we work on projects around the world.

2D2T Values

Our values draw on the Agile Manfesto for Software Development.

Tailored Solutions over Out-of-the-box Products

Customer Collaboration over Contract Negotiation

Working Product over Comprehensive Documentation

Responding to Change  over Following a Plan

While we value the items on the right we value the items on the left more.

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